February 2, 2023

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Philip Goebbels presents a comedy show in the Netherlands: “It was pure chaos” | television

televisionPhilip Goebbels is one of the presenters of the new Dutch comedy series: “LOL: Last One Laughing”. In it, ten Dutch comedians are challenged: who can keep their faces straight in a “Big Brother”-like environment and at the same time make their opponent laugh? “You expect it to be a mess with ten comedians in one room, and it’s true.”

“LOL: Last One Laughing” is a competition with a grand prize of €50,000 that goes to a charity of the winner’s choice. The six-part series can be watched on Prime Video from Friday and Philip Guebbels and Jerome Snelders make up the judging panel. The participants are Henri Van Loon, Tinky Scotten, Roy Verveer, Robin van der Meer, Ninky Blass, Rhein Bandai, Stefano Kaiser, Alex Ploig, Soundos and Bas Houvlak. It is based on a popular Japanese series directed by one of Japan’s most famous comedians, Hitoshi Matsumoto.

He asked Goebbels (41) how much fun they had during the recordings. “A lot. I was glad that as a member of the jury I wasn’t in the house myself, but in the control room, and was allowed to laugh. You’d expect it to be a mess with ten comedians all together in one room, and it’s true. Jerome and I had to monitor fifty cameras hanging In the house: there was one big room, a dressing room, a room with a stage and a toilet. The participants had to stay in the game, and you were not allowed to withdraw for a while. We recorded everything in a row in six hours, half of which we broadcast. “

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What are the rules exactly?

“We were very strict: raising the corners of the mouth, making noises, and that we understood by laughing. It took a lot longer than we thought for someone to drop out. The first time comedians got a warning, the second they got out.”

Isn’t it a kind of torture?

“That’s right, those who finished work came to sit with us in the control room and said they were very comfortable. It is very heavy.”

So, are two Belgians watching ten Dutchmen from the control room?

“Well, you’re wrong. They simply asked two Belgians to upgrade the software.”

Who do you think is funnier?

“I’m a big fan of Henri van Loon. He really has a straight face like me, but he’s more serious. Roué Verveer has been going on for a long time, and he’s always laughing, so it must have been really hard for him. By the way, I suspect he’s doping.”

Do you often watch your fellow comedians’ shows?

“Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for that. I’m touring Belgium with my new show ‘Geubels Goes Bad’ until December 2nd, sometimes four evenings a week. And when I’m not in theatre, I also like to go out to dinner or something.” The tribe. In 2024 I will come to the Netherlands with my show.

“There is a lot of nonsense, such as the history of the origin of croquettes, and observations from daily life, about how to bathe, but also how to understand your grief. And about my wife and daughters. It is my most personal show yet.”

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Does your wife like jokes?

“Yeah, sure, and she’s funny too, but she’s not as funny as me. She does a completely different job than I do, she renovates houses. By herself. Sometimes it takes two years to renovate a house. I have two left hands, can’t hang a picture yet.”

But you keep the fun at home.

“Yeah, that’s important: seeing a little fun in everything. Yes, people, put the record straight, please.”

LOL: Last One Laughing can be watched on streaming service Prime Video starting Friday, January 20th. Subtitled, the series is broadcast in 240 countries.

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