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Philip Goose on France and Morocco: “The prince here dreams of a final between Messi and Mbappe.” |  World Cup 2022

Philip Goose on France and Morocco: “The prince here dreams of a final between Messi and Mbappe.” | World Cup 2022

The semi-final that no one expected beforehand. And who dares to speculate that Morocco will not have a chance against defending champions France? Watch the World Cup match live here.

  1. Advance, 6 p.m. 53. 5-2-3 / 3-4-3 in Morocco, Uncle God is a victim. Walid Rekragui watches France with a surprising squad. He chose three defenders (Al Yamak, Sais and Agord) with two high wings: Hakimi and Mazraoui, who was absent from Portugal. & nbsp; In the midfield, the record player Amal Allah disappears on the bench. Onahi, Amrabat, Ziyech and Boufal play in Nusiri’s support. .
  2. Deschamps next to Scolari? Didier Deschamps has won 13 of his 17 World Cup matches as coach of Les Pleus. By beating Morocco, he is level with Luiz Felipe Scolari (14). Only Germany’s Helmut Schön does better with 16 World Cup victories. . advance, 6:52 p.m.
  3. Advance, 6:37 p.m. Deschamps (compulsory) to make two substitutions. It looks like the French eleven are in two different places for tonight’s England game. Upamecano and Rabiot (both suffering from colds) are not fit enough to start the match and are replaced by Konaté and Fofana. & nbsp; For the rest, national coach Deschamps selects the same people, including Giroud Mbappe, Dembele at the front and Conde at right back. .
  4. Advance 6:20 p.m. Philip Goss: “The prince here also dreams of a final between Messi and Mbappe.” Philip Goss describes the semi-final between France and Morocco as “a match between the possible and the improbable”. “France has a better team and better footballers. The defending champions are likely to reach the final,” explains our commentator. “The prince here also dreams of a confrontation between Messi and Mbappe. He wants to see Paris Saint-Germain on the highest podium.” “But Morocco’s improbability makes football so beautiful. They can defend really well. They only conceded a goal against Canada. It would be foolish not to give Morocco a chance.” “It seems logical to me that the possession will be for France and Morocco will hope for an outbreak.” .
  5. Up front, at 6:15 p.m., Philip Goss looks ahead: “A Competition Between the Possible and the Improbable.”

    Philip Goss looks ahead: “A competition between the possible and the improbable”

  6. In advance at 6:12 pm the Moroccan fans are on a date in the creek.

    Moroccan fans on time in the creek

  7. In advance, at 5:35 p.m. good job! France and Morocco reached the semi-finals.

    Nice piece of work! France and Morocco reached the semi-finals

  8. In advance, 14 hours 28.
  9. Advance at 13:22. Moroccan fans are getting ready. An historical duel that deserves an equally fascinating setting. This is why hundreds of Morocco supporters are already celebrating in Qatar. Sky Sports UK colleagues asked some fans about their feelings about the match. “On the field we will make more noise for Morocco!” .
  10. In advance, at 12:35 p.m
  11. In advance, at 12:21 pm, Morocco plays the catenaccio from the top of the shelves and it is a fallacy that you are not allowed to do that with your national team. There the end justifies the means. It’s the only way to do it, but on the flanks they have great footballers. I enjoy Morocco in this context: it is Atletico Madrid with the freshness of the start under Diego Simeone. . Philip Gosse at D-Tribune.
  12. In advance, 12:21 p.m
  13. In advance, at 12:20, Didier Deschamps will look with wide eyes at what happened to Portugal when it fell behind. They instantly panicked, turning into loose sand. Like France, in such a situation you have to find the middle ground between business and calm. . Philip Gosse at D-Tribune.
  14. In advance, at 12 noon 04.
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