February 8, 2023

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Phoenix Suns jump again with Golden State Warriors |  NBA

Phoenix Suns jump again with Golden State Warriors | NBA

Under Stephen Curry’s strong drive, the Golden State Warriors scored the highest in the NBA this season, but on a visit to New Orleans the three-pointer King was missing with a pain in his left thigh. In addition, the warriors also could not count on Draymond Green, who suffered from his hip.

Golden State had to count on Andrew Wiggins, who scored 21 points, but without Curry, the three shots made only 7 out of 33. The Pelicans did not miss this opportunity: Brandon Ingram (32 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists) was in the service: 101-96.

The Phoenix Suns would love seeing that happen. They earned a deserved win over the Los Angeles Clippers: 106-89. Although things got tense in the last quarter: Suns almost gave up their lead by 19 points and let the Clippers fall back on 3 points.

But Chris Paul won his first hat-trick of the season (14 points, 10 assists, 13 rebounds). Phoenix leaps from the Golden State Warriors once again to the fore in the West.

In the East, New York (10) and Boston (11) provided the thumb and finger match. The Knicks came from behind by 25 points at Madison Square Garden: 108-105.

With 41 points, a personal best, Evan Fournier was the Knicks comeback. Jason Tatum was able to save Boston overtime a second and a half after the end.

But New York laid the line narrowly on this. RJ Barrett hit the bell with three great pointers.