February 2, 2023

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Photographer Captures Stunning Image Of Wild Wave With Face: "Looks Like Poseidon"

Photographer Captures Stunning Image Of Wild Wave With Face: “Looks Like Poseidon”

© Facebook Cody Evans

Photo taken by Canadian photographer Cody Evans goes around the world. In a high wave you seem to be able to see a face. Poseidon thought.

Photographing the waves of Lake Erie in the Canadian province of Ontario is a favorite pastime of Canadian photographer Cody Evans. Earlier this month he did it again, and once again made some great photos. “It was very cold,” he says in The Canadian Press. “-11 degrees, I think. Once there were waves, sometimes up to 6 meters high, that captured them.

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Among the pictures, there are the most striking. In fact, she travels all over the world. So there is something special in the picture. You seem to see a face in it. Poseidon described the image on Facebook. Evans himself enthusiastically shared this description. “That photo also stood out to me,” Evans said. “You often see something in waves and clouds, but to see it so clearly is unreal.”

There is an explanation for the special shape of the wave. Daniel Liotta, a weather expert in his home country, cites the “November winds” in the Canadian media as the reason. They rampage over the surface of the sea at over 40 miles per hour. “The water is now much warmer than the air above. This causes severe storms over the water.” And so the wave that suddenly gets an extra pounding because of the wind.

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