December 6, 2022

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Pictures showing a fully revamped Motorola razr 3 (2022)

Pictures showing a fully revamped Motorola razr 3 (2022)

Motorola has been in the foldable market for several years now, reusing the popular razr name for this. Now an image of the yet to be announced Motorola razr phone has surfaced, likely the razr 3 or razr 2022. While previous razr phones were still very similar, this phone breaks that tradition.

picture RAZR 3 Comes from Evan Blass via a post on 91 mobiles† Evan has a good reputation; He was also the first to show pictures RAZR 1 And Razr 2

The next razr 3 will be completely different

The above image has been blurred at some points, possibly to obscure the source/source. But we see its outward appearance largely crumbled and it is very different from its predecessors. We see a double camera in the corner and the design is more angled. All this is very reminiscent of face 3 from Samsung.

Razr 3 . Specifications

The front appears to be made of glass, but it is still unclear how much of it is made up of a screen. The frame appears to be made of aluminum based on the edges of the antenna. The volume knob on the right now consists of two separate buttons instead of 1. According to Evan, this futuristic Razr will come in two colors: quartz black and cool blue.

Previous rumors have already spoken of an advanced processor for RAZR 3 Blass agrees. The device will receive a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Gen 1 Plus processor along with 8 or 12 GB of RAM. The camera sensors are 50 and 13 megapixels, the latter also serves as a macro camera as well as an ultra-wide angle. A combination that Motorola uses quite often.

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Availability of razr 3

The foldable screen features a Full HD + resolution with a screen cut-out on the top for a 32MP selfie camera. So the kerf is gone. Blass expects the razr codenamed “Maven” to be released sometime in July or August, but only in China initially. It will be rolled out worldwide later. Prices are expected to be fixed.

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