November 30, 2022

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Pink Floyd was so frustrated with the war in Ukraine that she released a new song

Pink Floyd was so frustrated with the war in Ukraine that she released a new song

With the single “Hey, hey, up!” English rock band Prog Pink Floyd raises money for the Ukrainian population. “It is really disappointing to see this very unjust attack by a superpower on a democratic country,” he said. It’s their first new song in 28 years.

Andrei Khlevniuk, lead singer of the Ukrainian band Boombox, sang the lyrics to “Hey Hey Rise Up”. Khlyvnyuk left his own division to fight the Russian invasion. He is currently in hospital after being hit by shrapnel.

The song is also accompanied by a video clip showing Khlevniuk singing in Kyiv’s central square, “as he sings a sensational Ukrainian protest song he wrote during World War I, which has been playing around the world for a month.” To protest the Russian invasion.

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore has a daughter-in-law and two Ukrainian grandchildren. I was impressed by the performance of Khlevniuk in that square in Kyiv, with that beautiful golden-domed church and the silence of the city without traffic or background noise from the war. “It was a powerful moment that I wanted to take advantage of,” Gilmore said. “We, like many others, are outraged and frustrated by this disgusting war in which an independent, peaceful and democratic country was invaded and its inhabitants killed by a world power. We want to express our support for Ukraine with this.

The song’s cover features the sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine. “A direct reference to the woman who gave sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers,” the squad said.

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