November 27, 2022

Taylor Daily Press

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Pixel 6A gets an instant update to make sure it’s customizable

Just days after the launch of the Pixel 6A, Google is rolling out an update to fix an issue that prevents users from unlocking the bootloader and making changes. Report for robot police. Change is grouped inside Pixel 6A first updatewhich Google started launching last week.

In short, boot loader Part of the software that loads the operating system (OS) on the device when it is turned on. Accessing the Android bootloader can give you complete control over your operating system in a process known as rooting. It also allows you to install custom versions of Android called ROMs. While some phone manufacturers and carriers don’t allow you to unlock your device’s bootloader, Google does things differently. This will allow you to dive right into pixels that are not associated with any particular carrier (also known, confusingly, as “unlocked” devices).