December 4, 2022

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Planned autumn walk?  These 15 bags come in handy when going into the woods |  fashion beauty

Planned autumn walk? These 15 bags come in handy when going into the woods | fashion beauty

Autumn in the country. A moment to go into nature to enjoy a refreshing forest bath. And of course you prefer to do it with a practical handbag. With these 15 pieces you hang on your hips, shoulders, or back, you give your hiking outfits a style boost. Put on your hiking boots and…Go!

5 x hip bag

Spotted a deer or an owl? In the bum bag, you will find your smartphone in no time to capture that magical moment forever and ever. The small size forces you to make choices, so you never take too much with you. Useful for those who suffer from weakness in the back! After the walk, you can simply carry on with the necessary practical work. Tie it around your waist and wear the bag over a jacket, blazer or oversized jacket. This way you will have all your things on hand and you will instantly get additional style points! Our favorite? A pom-pom bag in a cool pop of color.

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1. Bugatti44.90 euros.
2. guessNow 76 euros instead of 95 euros.
3. Mother’s by Melina Cervesatonow 99 euros instead of 180 euros.
4. Suvereto by Luca Baldeck179 euros.
5. Truth, honesty34.99 euros.

5 x Convenient Crossbody Bag

Save your back and shoulders with a comfortable bag. The perfect ally for your daily 10,000 steps. A moss green piece instantly matches your rubber wells and perfectly coordinates with this season’s fashion colors. Bonus points for a multi-compartment crossbody bag. Handy and neat? It’s possible! You can also take these toppers out of the closet for a party or a city trip.

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1. cochinelle269.95 euros.
2. Mondeo Madame115 euros.
3. Marghera Lamia TommasiNow 89.70 euros instead of 299 euros.
4. Secco by Lia BiassoniNow 79.50 euros instead of 159 euros.
5. Nat and Ninonow 144.99 euros instead of 155 euros.

5 x Backpack

All ready for a long walk? Don’t forget a water bottle and snacks to refuel during a hard workout. Put your things in a sturdy backpack. And no, it doesn’t have to be a model for boring trips. Invest in a piece of leather (vegan) that will stand the test of time effortlessly. A backpack in cognac or black always looks stylish and suits every occasion. Good for years of fun!

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1. exercises49.95 euros.
2. Zeola by Anna Morellininow €103.60 instead of €259.
3. East Buck90 euros.
4. Novara by Luca BaldeckNow 72.50 euros instead of 309 euros.
5. Ted Baker125 euros.

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