June 5, 2023

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Planning a networking or a wedding? These are the hottest party trends right now Nina

May is the month of holidays. From communions and spring parties to gardens and weddings, your calendar is bound to be full of them. For those who don’t know what to wear yet: Our fashion editor Hilde Geudens shows you the hottest party trends of the moment you haven’t thought of yourself, from jacquards to big bows.

Any piece of clothing becomes party-worthy when you use an ingenious fold.

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1. Sandro in Bijenkorf295 euros.
2. Zara39.95 euros.
3. Stylists Remix via Zalando189.95 euros.
4. Benko245 euros.
5. Zara22.95 euros.

Shiny or richly decorated shoes. Luxury is often in the details.

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1. Zara79.95 euros.
2. tamaris69.95 euros.
3. & other stories119 euros.
4. twin set164 euros.

Jacquard is one of the luxury fabrics of the moment. Instantly enhances the party atmosphere. Very stylish.

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1. Scotch and soda The jacket, €249.95.
2. H&M bralette and miniskirt, 79, 79 euros.
3. Desperate Blazer and pants, 99.99 and 69.99 euros.

Big bows are a popular accent. They make every costume a tiered class.

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1. josh v159.99 euros.
2. Ninety150 euros.
3. Essential Antwerp225 euros.
4. Twinset attitude187 euros.
5. Sylvian Hitch119 euros.

Beautiful long earrings studded with pearls and decorative stones. They instantly make everything neat.

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1. Pilgrim34.95 euros.
2. Diamante bear tutti210 euros.
3. Twice is beautiful65 euros.
4. Laure Van Times255 euros.

Summer elegance: a beige suit made of light summer fabric. Just add white and beige tones. Party guide too.

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1. Massimo Duttiand 249 and 99.95 euros
2. Strelson349 and 139 euros.

Sexy, summer, festive: a halter-neck top or dress, emphasizing the shoulders. Shiny silk satin, for extra glamor.

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1. Charlotte Beaud210 euros.
2. Selected women59.99 euros
3. josh v99.99 euros.
4. Caroline Pace265 euros.

For the stage animal in us: sequins, because a good party is all a matter of glitter. Beautiful when the sun shines on it.

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1. Essential Antwerp165 and 225 euros.
2. A second female165 euros.

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