September 30, 2023

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'Playstation Show in June' and how Xbox will fill the fall

‘Playstation Show in June’ and how Xbox will fill the fall

New Tuesday means new version of GK Journaal. With today again a number of news from the past few days from the gaming industry. We’ve had a few more days full of leaks from different games. New images of Silent Hill have come out, we may get a Playstation Showcase in June and it looks like there are plans for Gears of War Remastered. Of course there are many more, but for that you have to quickly hit the play button and watch the new episode of GK Journaal on Tuesday 17 May.

Playstation show first week of June?

Fortunately, June is still dominated by a number of great game shows. There will be the Summer Games Festival on June 9 and the Xbox and Bethesda Games Show on June 12. Why haven’t we heard from Playstation yet? Do they keep quiet? Rumors are now floating around that there will be a Playstation Showcase in the first week of June. How do these voices reach this world and from where? You will see and hear in this video.

Move your wallpaper with Xbox soon

It also never ends with leaks within the gaming industry. For example, we came across a leak from the Xbox on Monday. A well-known Twitter user called Agiornamente Lumia has a profile Tweet teaser From a new project that Xbox is working on. Something with software in which you can animate and add moving elements to a still image. This will output for both Windows and Xbox. What is this mysterious “Project Without a Name” that may be shown during the live stream of the Xbox and Bethesda game show on June 12th. You can see and hear that and more in the new episode of GK Journaal.

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