December 2, 2022

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Plot twist in 'House made': Only a couple allowed to qualify for the Grand Final |  TV

Plot twist in ‘House made’: Only a couple allowed to qualify for the Grand Final | TV

TVThursday was again Deadline Day at House Made. A clean kitchen had to be delivered in Antwerp, Portmerbeek and Beringen. Once again there was a lot at stake: the room rate was 2000 euros. Plus, Dina Tersago also had some news in store for all the duos and it turns out that came as a bit of a shocker. “What a plot twist!”

A great delight indeed in Beringen. Elaine and Yunus have their last room rate in their pocket. Thanks to their southern kitchen and eastern dining room, they earned an extra 2,000 euros to renovate their home. This is the second time the pair have won the Chamber award.

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At the end of the episode, Dina Tersago dropped a little bombshell: the final of “House made” will not be played with three, but with two pairs. Shortly before the final, another couple is dropped, a dangerous development in the plot of the remaining duo. “You heard it right, you just go to the final with a couple of pairs. So next week is everything.”

final week

The final big week will start on Monday at Home made. On Wednesday, June 1, it will be announced the couple who will receive their renovated home as a gift. Unlike last year, three pairs have no chance of winning the final. This year only two pairs will qualify for the Grand Final. At the end of the last week, the jury will then decide which pairs will go to the final based on ranking, but also on performance during the last week.

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The news of Dina Tersago came as a surprise to the three remaining couples. “What a plot twist! “If you can’t make it to the final, this is the poorest apple I’ve ever eaten,” Alexia and Emile said. Anais and Cedric are disappointed, and are at the bottom of the rankings. Although they do not give up. And Elaine and Younes are also fully committed: “We start the most important week of our lives!”

Next week, the couple will begin their final week with the help of Nils Albert, Sig de Doncker and Bartel van Riet. Sieg De Doncker, who himself has plenty of renovation experience, is rolling up his sleeves in Antwerp. Former cyclocross racer Nils Albert looks for water leaks in a bathroom in Beringen and in Portmerbeek visited by professional gardener and gardener Bartel van Riet.

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