September 26, 2022

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PM de Croo: "We have 5 to 10 difficult winters, but we can also take the leap for 20 years"

PM de Croo: “We have 5 to 10 difficult winters, but we can also take the leap for 20 years”

“We’re having five to 10 tough winters, but we can also leap 20 years ahead by moving away from fossil fuels, despite all the hardships.” This was stated by Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo on Sunday at De Zevende Dag (One). He also warned against limiting the current crisis to discussions about keeping two additional nuclear plants open.

source: BELGA

De Croo reiterated that there should be a cap on energy prices, but he is looking at Europe and next Friday’s meeting of energy ministers. In the meantime, temporary measures should be taken for both citizens and businessmen.

“We cannot let companies go bankrupt because of derailed bills,” the prime minister stressed. He referred to Monday’s meeting between various governments and social partners in the country.


But the prime minister doesn’t just look to the government to take action. He pointed to the leaders of two major banks who suggested the possibility of lowering mortgage payments during the winter months so that the energy bills could be paid.

In terms of the energy companies’ profit surplus, De Croo wants to expand the distribution contribution that currently applies to the nuclear sector to other sectors such as wind power. This contribution will be used to help small, medium and middle class businesses. This measure is also on Engi’s table, regardless of the negotiations on the extension of the two smallest nuclear power plants.

Two nuclear power plants

Regarding the extension of the two nuclear power plants that will be closed in the coming months, de Croo felt that the discussion should take place fairly. “You cannot limit such a complex file to two nuclear power plants,” the prime minister said. “Let’s first implement what the government has decided.”

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