May 20, 2022

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Pokémon Business Boom: Card sold for $420,000

Pokémon Business Boom: Card sold for $420,000

The price of a well-kept Pokemon card is higher than ever. At a PWCC Premier auction in the US, the Charizard card – the holy grail of Pokémon fans – sold for $420,000, a new record for this card.

Pokemon business is booming. Tickets are sold at exorbitant prices in US stores and it is often difficult to get a package. At PWCC AuctionA Pokémon card featuring Charizard sold for a record $420,000, the highest price ever for that card and the third highest price ever for a Pokémon card. In just a few years, the innocent children’s game has grown into a valuable collector’s item that can be used to make a lot of money.

Can Nintendo continue to live on the success of Pokemon?

What makes a Pokemon card so expensive? The chance of owning a card equal to a house is not non-zero, but it is very slim. The card must meet a lot of conditions in order to achieve that much. The Charizard card in question is a 1999 edition, and has been given a special designation for its perfect case. If your group has already passed into the hands of children before, then it is still difficult to get such a label. There are only 121 perfect scoring Charizard cards in the world, most of them in the hands of collectors or stars. So the demand is very high, which also causes prices to rise significantly.

Charizard card bearing the PSA label, which indicates “excellent condition”.


The hype around Pokémon was especially great in the ’90s. Cards can be found at any newsagent or toy store, and they are mostly traded on the playing field. In 2016, with the advent of Pokémon GO, which sent players out of the house to hunt for characters, it also introduced a new generation to the Pokémon world.

It was the Corona pandemic that caused the card’s popularity to explode at the seams.People started looking for new hobbies while collectors were dusting off their old collections. They found a market for their old cards online, after which the prices skyrocketed very quickly. In 2019, the asking price for a Charizard Pokemon card was about $16,000, according to Joe Maddalena of Heritage Auctions in Texas, while it is now around $400,000.

In the meantime, card production is still very limited, so loan sharks also smell a lucrative trade in ticket sales. They resell cheap tickets from the store at high prices. Last year, Target had to temporarily stop selling cards because so many riots broke out among loan holders in their stores that they could no longer guarantee the safety of their employees.

The record for the most expensive Pokemon card sold is even higher. At the beginning of this month, the Pickachu card was sold for 900 thousand dollars, which is about 819 thousand euros.

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