November 30, 2022

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Police found 183 animals in the man's refrigerator

Police found 183 animals in the man’s refrigerator

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Arizona State Police have arrested a man who kept 183 heads of cats, dogs, and birds in a refrigerator. He admitted that he even put some animals in them when they were still alive.

‘Disgusting and heartbreaking’: those are the words used by police spokeswoman Anita Mortensen for what was found in the man’s home. “I’m an animal lover and I cried when I saw it.” So the discovery photos were not disclosed. A total of 183 animals were found in the refrigerator of 43-year-old Michael Patrick Torland (43). They include dogs, cats, birds, snakes, lizards, mice, rats, rabbits and more.

The police discovered the horror when they received a tip-off from a woman who had let the snakes in Torland to breed, but the man disappeared after a few months and is no longer accessible. The woman called the owner of the house, who told her that he had moved in with his wife. When the owner wanted to clean the apartment for the next tenant, she found the animals in the refrigerator.

Ten days later, Torland was arrested. Admit to putting animals in the fridge, some even while they’re alive. His wife is still under investigation.

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