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Popular Sci-Fi TV: A Perilous Space Maneuver provided one of the best scenes in the genre

Popular Sci-Fi TV: A Perilous Space Maneuver provided one of the best scenes in the genre

Military science fiction series Battlestar Galactica It received prestigious awards, among other things, for the story and visual effects. This is more than deserved, as one particular story in Season 3 makes clear.

The two-part episode “Exodus” (Episodes 3 and 4) takes place on the planet New Caprica. During a brutal battle, the Battlestar crew pulls off Adama’s deadly maneuver. The episode won an Emmy Award in the Best Visual Effects category and is considered one of the best battle scenes in science fiction.


The franchise contains a mythology in which the human species also evolved on a planet called Kobol. This human race is very advanced and also inhabits twelve other planets, also called the Twelve Colonies. A race of robots called Cylons are the former slaves of humanity. These robots rebelled against their masters and destroyed both Kobol and the Twelve Colonies. The remaining 50,000 people took refuge on Battlestar Galactica. Led by Admiral William “Bill” Adama (Edward James Olmos), they travel toward a new planet called Earth.

Battlestar Galactica It depicts the history between the Cylons and humanity in an accurate way. Cylons have also undergone evolution: over time they have acquired a human appearance. The irony is that these advanced Cylons in turn create “standard” robots, which they then treat as slaves. The story of New Caprica reflects this complex dynamic.

Adama maneuver

People live on this barren planet and want to build a new home here. When a group of Cylons find New Caprica, they settle there and want to live there, too. However, these Cylons are not unanimous on what should happen to humans. A group of Cylons want to live together in peace, but a group of armed Cylons, who want to subjugate the people, have the upper hand. The resistance to the Cylons’ domination of New Caprica ultimately consists of humans and Cylons. To evacuate the people and bring them to safety, Admiral Adama decides to undertake a risky military move, which he later calls the “Adama Maneuver.”

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Battlestar must launch Blue Squadron, made up of Viper gunships, near the surface of New Caprica. This way the snakes can join the fight immediately. So Battlestar must first descend into the planet’s atmosphere. Immediately after launching the swarm, the ship must immediately jump again, which has never happened before. The Admiral is taking a huge risk because the enormous pressure could destroy the ship.

free fall

The first phase of the Adama Plan is being implemented by the Commander’s Air Group (CAG). These specialists are responsible for complex operations. The scene shows Captain Luan “Cat” Catherine (Luciana Caro) leading Red Squadron. This swarm flies towards New Caprica, where several drones are then launched. The so-called swallows emit a false signal intended to distract the Cylon ships. Cylon Number Three/D’Anna Briers (Lucy Lawless) realizes it’s just a distraction, but by this point it’s already too late and Battlestar has already begun his “free fall.”

The scene shows the moment the Battlestar appears in the sky, seemingly out of nowhere. Then the Blue Squadron pilots come to the aid of the people on the ground. The Cylon watchtower was destroyed and the main gate bombed, allowing the humans to escape. However, this victory comes at a price. The Battlestar has been badly damaged and this contributes to complications in the rest of the season. Years later, this military operation is still highly regarded by fans and worth watching.

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