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Portal RTX DLC Free with Ray Tracing and DLSS Available in December – Games – News

So if you want to play this game at higher resolution and with fps in RTX, you need a much faster video card than the RTX 3080k mentioned in the article with 60 fps @ FullHD (i.e. RTX 4080/90) and one that supports DLSS.3 (i.e. RTX 4080 /90). It is also reflected in the recommended specifications https://www.nvidia.com/ar…rtx-available-december-8/. And if you have a DLSS 2 card, you can also keep up to a point. After all, they also have to lose a lot of those cards.

It’s very clear what Nvidia is doing here, and it’s a little extra that only owners of the latest Nvidia cards can take full advantage of. In their promotional video on https://www.nvidia.com/ar…rtx-available-december-8/ Get around 100fps in 4K with RTX and DLSS 3.

It probably wasn’t so bad and you could still tweak the RTX quality settings in this mode a bit, so it could also be done fine on lower cards with “only” DLSS 2 at higher than Full HD resolutions. Does anyone know how that works in a Quake 2 RTX mod? I think online you can tweak all sorts of things, but not much of an RTX quality, so I just find it on or off.

In any case, the fact that this is the message in these posts confirms that the Nvidia marketing team has achieved its goal. Ultimately, Nvidia does not want to sell RTX, but the latest video cards.

And indeed, as CykoByte says, Gateway 1 and 2 run on the same engine. There won’t be much difference here.

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