November 30, 2022

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Post-credits scenes 'Morbius' come under fire

Post-credits scenes ‘Morbius’ come under fire

Recepion Morbius not good. Reception (17% on Rotten Tomatoes) could be called downright bad. A Marvel movie wouldn’t have any soul, and now the post-credits scenes are also under fire. Of course there will be spoilers, since then Morbius It will not be shown in cinemas until April 20 in the Netherlands.

The reception was moderate, it was actually a bit expected. Sony Pictures are having a hard time making really good Marvel movies. The current, well-received Spider-Man movies may be from Sony Pictures, but they are made in collaboration with Marvel Studios.

Scenes after Morbius . credits
There are two scenes after the credits, as is often the case in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The first video appears Michael Keatons Adrian Toms / Vulture Off Spider-Man: Homecomingas seen in the trailers.

See how the character is through Doctor Strange’s spell (Benedict Cumberbatch) in the Sony Spider-Man Universe (SSU). He is in a prison cell. We hear on a news broadcast that he is likely to be released because he did not commit any crimes in the SS.

In the second scene we see Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) Driving in the desert in a fat car. There he meets a mysterious character. Turns out this is an eagle. Morbius is offered a place on the team that wants to deal with Spider-Man at SSU.

Strong criticism of Sony
The scenes cause great mystery, especially for people who follow the more extensive Marvel movie universes closely. Why does MCU-Toomes end up at SSU? It becomes clear that the strange mantra Spider-Man: There is no room for home Designed to allow character exchange between MCU and SSU.

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This is the problem for many. There is a very forced and illogical dividing line between the two privileges. also the role of poison (Tom Hardy) who ended up briefly in the MCU after the spell and was soon dumped back in SSU is also amazing. This is basically set up to leave a piece of Venom’s DNA in the MCU. So it looks like Marvel Studios is using the character in a certain movie.

Then there is the problem of the last scene. Why did Toomes become a villain at SSU? In the movie MCU Homecoming He has problems with Spider-Man for good reasons. In SSU, Spider-Man is not known. It’s also tough for Morbius. Why does he become a villain after the events of his solo movie?

Six villain in the making
It’s clear that Sony Pictures have set their sights on a file wicked six-film. With the poor reception of Morbius It is the hope that Sony will enlist the help of Marvel Studios for this collective film.