September 25, 2022

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Powerful hurricane hits the United States: aerial images show the greatest devastation

Powerful hurricane hits the United States: aerial images show the greatest devastation

At least 83 people have already been killed in a series of hurricanes in Central America. The counter can go over a hundred. Kentucky has been particularly hard hit, but deaths have also been reported from the states of Arkansas, Illinois and Tennessee. At least 6 people were killed in an Amazon warehouse in Illinois alone.

“We firmly believe we will lose more than 50 Kentucky residents,” Governor Andy Peshier told a news conference. “The death toll from this disaster is over 70 and I now believe it will cross 100 by the end of the day.” He also spoke of the worst hurricane disaster in state history.

Mayfield, a city of 10,000 people, seems to have been the hardest hit. Complete blocks of houses were destroyed, and the area is reminiscent of a war zone. A candle factory collapsed due to the storm. According to local media, dozens of people were killed and people are still trapped in the building.

Bessier has declared a state of emergency in his state and called on Washington for help. President Joe Biden tweeted that the hurricane had caused “unimaginable tragedy” in the region. Promised to provide all necessary central assistance.

According to the American news channel NBC, a hurricane may have broken the record for the longest hurricane ever in the United States. The hurricane spread over 200 miles (320 kilometers) across four states from Arkansas to Kentucky. This has not yet been confirmed by the US Meteorological Service.

The roof of the Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois was torn down (Watch the video above) According to initial reports, about 45 workers were able to move safely, but many were buried under the rubble. At least six people have already been killed. That number may rise.

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According to scientists, climate change is leading to more and more severe storms in the United States.

Excellent conditions

The U.S. Meteorological Agency issued a hurricane warning for several states in the southern United States on Friday. More than 55 million people have been affected by the storm.

The best conditions for a hurricane are in Central America. From Canada, cold air moves southward through the upper atmosphere. Wet, warm air moves north from the Gulf of Mexico. Those two opposites meet in the middle, which gives you a strong temperature difference.

Mayfield, Kentucky.