April 1, 2023

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PowNed wants to start selling NFT kits

PowNed wants to start selling NFT kits

PowNed is investigating whether his supporters are interested in buying NFTs from the public broadcaster. Three different thematic groups are depicted with typical PowNed images.

Broadcaster cut off contact with They are PowNFTs The proliferation of digital media titles. In the worlds of art, fashion, games, and media, there is a little craze about it among cryptocurrency makers and enthusiasts.

Film makers see it as a new media genre with potential and limitations want to explore† Not yet a very large consumer audience. They are often among the first cryptocurrency speculators looking for something new. On the other hand, there are financial speculators who see a new revenue model in NFTs: buy early cheap, sell later.

Pound’s role is unclear. On the other hand, her intellectual property rights give a new look and she wants to sell parts of the copyright on the images. On the other hand there is a financial face. The site at PowNFTs says: “In addition to your own portfolio, you can also help broadcaster PowNed. This way we can produce more great content in the future.” Implicitly, NFTs are designated as a new source of income.

PowNed plays on the sentiments of her campaign supporters. It bears the roots of speculative financial gain with phrases such as: “Lambo opportunity?” And, “If the PowNFTs go to the moon, I’ll treat myself to an infamous luxury vacation on a private yacht.”

He asked BNR for the media’s opinion on the matter. The The supervisor knows nothing

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