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Practical Guide 2022 Racing World Cup

Practical Guide 2022 Racing World Cup

What? Cyclocross World Championship

Is it true Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.

When? Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th January

At what time? Seven hours later, the Pros races take place at 9.30pm Belgian time

Program? On Saturday it is open to women juniors (6pm), men under 23 (8pm) and women elite (9:30pm). Sunday will conclude with the Boys Juniors (6:00 pm) and Women’s U23 (8:00 pm), Men’s Elite (9:30 pm).

Where can I follow it? That weekend you can visit from early morning until late at night Live broadcast of, All matches on television will be broadcast live on canvas or one.

De Walmart-Cross

Walmart is an American supermarket chain headquartered in neighboring Bentonville, within half an hour of Fayetteville being officially named as the main sponsor of the event.

However, the biggest effect of the World Championship in the United States is broadcast time. After all, it is seven hours later, and the races on the benefits take place at 9.30pm Belgian time. So in Belgian prime time.

Road for men with big motorcycles

The World Championship track is three kilometers long and is located in Centennial Park, the site of which is located on a hill outside the city of Foytville, where they make a real bike park. Want to bring the World Cup mountain bike here, including the rock mountain bike trails. “Many of the rocks are all elevated and covered with grass mats,” Bart Wellness noted in October. “As a result it’s a fast paced study.”

There are a lot of altimeters in the curriculum. After the start, riders will start the technical descent with some fast corners. “It’s wide enough everywhere, so you can make up for some space if you take some risks,” Wellness says. “This will lead to dangerous situations in the first round. It will go very fast. As soon as they reach the lowest point they start to climb power. It will be decisive. It’s about half a minute effort, in which you have to go to intensity. Anyone who explodes here will get big blows in the ears.

After the riders have reached the peak of the climb and passed the equipment post for the first time, the technical part begins. “That’s where the real cross-country skiing comes in,” Kempenar notes. “It has some fast corners, and it’s very nicely set up even with a rocky area. The main point of this zone is the staircase at least 39 steps. I think it’s an annoyingly built staircase. You can not ‘triple’, you can not always take them in pairs. What annoys me the most is the left turn of the stairs which is detrimental to the best runners.Above all, anyone who wants to cross one of the stairs is now forced to build more meters assuming that the one in front of you has an inner curve.

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Conclusion? Climbing and this race is done for the turbos in Peloton. “A good Iserbyt can do a lot, the same as Toon Aerts and Quinten Hermans during that climb. But they can not create the vats that Van Airt and Van der Boyle have. Only Thomas Bitcock can do that.

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Van der Boyle and Van Airt no

A lot has been said and written about this, but the big two of the cross are not in Foytville. Crossing the United States does not match plans Wood van Eart, Fully focused on the road season after the Belgian Championship. Matthew van der Boyle Then the rag came back into the basket and was canceled to fully recover from playing on the back and minor surgery on the knee. For the first time in eight years someone else is the world champion. That, too, offers others the opportunity for their American dream …

Second cross at Fayetteville this season, second Belgian party?

He could start as a foreigner, but that would not break a Belgian’s confidence in the race at Fayetteville: Quinton Hermans won the second round of the World Cup three months ago. The Bard Wells team won on a wet and very difficult course with a big difference between Eli Iserbite and Michael Vandoranhout.

Doon Airs started strong on the first lanes of the long climb and long stairs, with only Quinton Hermans able to follow Kempenor. The Limberger of the Dormans cross team accelerated when the third round started and rode away from his rivals for a while. Aerts was behind the Pauwels Sauzen – Bingoal duo, still stuck next to the stage. The heroes of the day already have the experience of putting the dose on the track.

Eli Iserbit and Doon Airs may be the biggest Belgian rivals, but the most favorite is not riding in a Belgian jersey. With a team of INEOS grenadiers after two weeks of training in Spain, Britain is the man who can win in the absence of Van Airt and van der Boyle with his big machine. Bitcoin will kick off this Saturday at the Hum (X2O Bathroom Trophy) Cross and a day later at the World Cup Cross in Hookerhead. He is leaving for the states on Monday.


This time the Netherlands will start with only two riders, Lars van der Har and Carney van Kessel, and Van der Har will start with only (small?) Chances of winning. This means all favorites and outsiders are immediately known because no one else in the country is in a position to bid on the stage. Even with the Americans, Curtis White could offer better results, but did not make the top ten in the Belgian crosses, finishing twelfth in the Heralds. Cage Heist rode some crosses on Belgian soil, but Job did not reach the twenty and national champion Eric Brunner did not drive beyond his national boundary.

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Complete Belgian selection:

Elite Men: Jens Adams, Doon Airs, Vincent Bastons, Quinton Hermans, Eli Iserbite, Dan Suite, Lawrence Sweek, Michael Vandoornhouth

Elite Women: San Conte, Alicia Frank

Men’s Promises: Gerben Kuipers, Gente Michaels, Thibaw Nice, Niels Vanteput, Emil Verstring, Joran Vysor

Women’s Promises: Kiona Grobe

Junior Boys: Yordy Courses, Keny de Moyer, Aaron Docks, Vice Nunes, Victor Vandenberg

Junior Girls: Flour Moores, Syd Van Sinai

Friday is already a scoop

For the first time, the International Cycling Union (UCI) is introducing a group relay. It will be a test event on Friday. A country team consists of three men and three women. Only a man and a woman should be superior. The other four members of the team may be Junior or U23. Picks a country for two juniors and two U23 motocross riders, which is good too. The only condition is that they all participate individually in the Cyclo-Cross World Championships under their age. The pattern is very simple: each motocross rider has to ride on one lap and tap the next rider. After six laps, the team relay beeps and the national coach determines the order of his six riders.

Cool, but dry

In contrast to that World Cup round, one can expect a somewhat dry round. Foytவில்ville is currently frozen, with positive temperatures expected to hover around twelve degrees during the day from the weekend, although at night it can be as low as minus seven degrees. During the weekends of January 29 and 30, daytime temperatures range from eight to 11 degrees, with light frosts at night. It also seems to be in a very dry state.

Fans are welcome, but …

Of course, we can not get around it here: after all, Kovit-19 still keeps the game world in its trance. Getting to the US is not easy and it takes effort to get out of the country, but once you reach your goal, it seems that it is not so bad. Of course and the public around it is welcome: riders, entourage and the general public are only asked to wear a mouth mask. You do not have to prove that you were vaccinated. No wonder you know that half of the people in Arkansas have actually already been shot.

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We are closely monitoring the developing govt condition and consulting with medical professionals. Masks are mandatory for everyone in the arena, including spectators, and additional hand washing stations will be set up. It is very important for anyone with symptoms of the disease to stay home.

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© Belgian

Second World Cup in the United States, second Belgian party?

This is the second time in the 72-year history of the Cyclo-Cross World Championships that the World Cup has been held outside of Europe. It happened in 2013 in Louisville, USA. Not by accident, because cyclocross is very popular in the United States. The weather dominated the World Cup in Louisville, Kentucky. Due to bad weather, the Ohio River overflowed, so the title fight for the advantage was brought forward one day in the last attempt.

Sven Nice, 36 at the time, did not mind and, after a spectacular battle with Klaus Vandornout, ran the hard way to win his second world title with the pros. Youngster Lars van der Hor won the bronze. Other world champions are Matthew van der Boyle (juniors), Marianne Vos (women) and Mike Dounisen (promises).

© Belgian

Louisville in 2013: Sven Nice

Hoogerheide in 2014: Zdenek Stybaar

Tabor in 2015: Matthew van der Boyle

Attic in 2016: Wood Van Airt

Bieles in 2017: Wout van Aert

Walkenberg in 2018: Wood von Airt

Pogens in 2019: Matthew van der Boyle

Diendorf in 2020: Mathieu van der Poel

Ostend in 2021: Matthew van der Boyle

Everything you need to know about Fayetteville

Finally, a short, touring introduction to the area for enthusiasts. Fayetteville is a university city of about one million people and advertises itself as a “meeting place of culture and nature”. It is located in the National Park of the Oscar Mountains and has many properties, especially for active travelers. Surrounded by beautiful rivers such as parks, forests and the Buffalo National River, there are plenty of opportunities for biking, mountain biking, jogging and hiking.

Fayetteville won the Cyclo-Cross World Championship for a reason: it promotes itself as a true cycling city. For cycling tourists, the Oscar Mountains or Raceback Regional Greenway, Mountain Bikers Sentinel Park (World Cup venue) and trails on Kessler Hill will get their money.

The Cultural Center is located in the Downtown & Dixon Street Entertainment district, home to many events, boutiques, art galleries, bars and restaurants.