March 25, 2023

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Presentation of the first fully European computer in Brussels |  Internet

Presentation of the first fully European computer in Brussels | Internet

French IT manufacturer Bleu Jour has presented the first computer made entirely in Europe at the European Institute for Innovation and Technology in Brussels. Within three years, Bleu Jour aims to be a constant in the European market.

Bleu Jour has been manufacturing computers since 2002, but until now all the main components and motherboards came from Southeast Asia. The French company wanted to see it differently so they started a European project in 2018. The motherboard for its “Kubb” mini computer is made by Bleu Jour herself in France. The Intel Compute Element is then connected to the motherboard, a removable card that contains the processor and memory.

To complete the design, the Kubb consists of a cube-shaped aluminum case that is available in over a dozen different colors and can be outfitted with your own logo. Bleu Jour computers are sold primarily to businesses for use in their office applications.

competitive price

In terms of costs, production in Europe is at least as interesting as imports from Asia. Container costs have risen significantly due to the health crisis and the war in Ukraine. With the available knowledge, jobs can be created here. This makes it possible to produce at a competitive price.

“The ambition is to produce 250,000 or more PCs annually in the next three years. At this point, we can become one of the largest European players, says CEO Jean-Christophe Agobert. “Next, we also want to establish ourselves in the US market in the coming years. “