November 29, 2022

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Behoud vruchtbaarheid na kanker? Vrouwen te weinig doorverwezen naar gynaecoloog

Preserving fertility after cancer? Not enough women are referred to gynecologists – the radar

Only half of young women with cancer are referred to a gynecologist to discuss options for fertility preservation, eg by freezing eggs. This is the conclusion of researcher and doctoral candidate Michael van den Berg of Radbodomek in Nijmegen.

Women can become infertile due to chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery on the reproductive organs. However, a gynecologist can often freeze eggs or move the ovaries before cancer treatment begins, which may help preserve fertility.

‘It’s a shame that patients are still so little involved’

According to the doctoral candidate, it is a shame that patients are reminded of this so little, even if it often happened a few years ago. In my post, I made it clear that women who receive this care have a higher quality of life after their cancer recovery. Even if they don’t choose fertility-preserving treatment.

“Lack of awareness and knowledge”

Sometimes there is a lack of awareness and knowledge of this topic. It’s also a matter of time, logistics and attitude. Sometimes, there is no good information available in the hospital, or it is not clear who is responsible,” explains gynecologist and co-supervisor Ina Berendonk.

Radboudumc has now created an online decision aid tool that helps women make choices.

Source: National Ports Agency

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