January 29, 2023

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deceive inc

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Since her huge success among us, headlines for social cuts have been everywhere. Eville, First Class Trouble, and Goose Goose Duck are some of the examples I can collect and it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. In gamescom I played two more.

The first one was Deceive Inc, a game where you have to try to sneak, steal and escape as a spy somewhere. Pretty standard spy stuff, although the game itself is anything but.

Double oh your turn

This begins with the letters, which are too prominent to hide anywhere. Hiding in the levels will be a challenge you think. Fortunately, a good spy is equipped with the right tools for the job. Tools are plentiful and range from a simulator to a giant fart pad that shoots you into the air. Combining the right spy, his unique playing style, and the right tools for your style is a must.

Once you find the right combination for you, which has been played with eight people during the gameplay session, the adventure begins. The game in Deceive Inc consists of three stages. At first, you collect information to make your way to the vault. Once in, the second begins: hacking and stealing the target. With this bag in your hands you escape to the extraction point. You have to defend this long enough to be picked up, and then you can write the winnings in your name.

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The problem with this setup is that the win is, in fact, entirely determined by the final stage. Practically speaking, it doesn’t matter who cracks the safe and is the first to get the bag, it only matters who it ends up in. The only reason camp at extraction point wouldn’t become a realistic tactic is because there are three in the level we played. And you can’t know in advance which opponent your opponent is considering. However, this will not be enough for me to risk my coverage and I personally believe I will prove that I am far from perfect in that once Deceive Inc. When camping suddenly becomes popular, you know why!


You have to play a lot of matches to really understand a game like Deceive Inc, so look at that first impression as nothing more than that: an impression. However, the impression is that the current setup is putting a lot of emphasis on the final phase of the match.