December 1, 2022

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Preview | Forest Quartet

Forest Quartet

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As I concluded in our homepage decorating column a few months ago, I disagree with games that try to illustrate their story in an abstract way. However, I had a good time sometimes. That’s why I decided to compose a song with The Forest Quartet.

The title of that game isn’t really true anymore. After the death of saxophonist Nina, the quartet was reduced to a trio and the band turned into a shadow of what it once was. The members feel sad about the loss and each struggle in its own way. Nobody does it in a healthy way and even some kind of farewell party for his band members doesn’t seem to really take off.

final salute

Whether it be anxiety or commitment, I dare not say, but this attitude allows Nina’s soul to return to Earth, where she can step into her experience through the tools of her former classmates. Here you must solve puzzles to activate the lights that chase the proverbial dark clouds. At least that is my interpretation of events.

These events consist of solving simple sliding and dragging puzzles to operate the generators. These in turn activate the lights mentioned above, although you will often need to find and put them in place to progress.

cause for concern

After about half an hour I explained the first musician’s fantasies and my playing session was over. Never had any idea I’d try anything special, but like I said, I’m not the audience that normally associates with games like this. So no need to worry. A statement from the accompanying employee, because he mentioned that I saw about a third of the surname. Does this mean that the Forrest Quartet will not take two hours? This can be a problematic aspect due to the refund policy in many stores.

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I am not yet convinced of what The Forest Quartet has in mind, rather I am concerned about the length. So unless they save the best for last, I’m a little skeptical when it comes to this title.