January 31, 2023

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Hearts Corps

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Bias can be a nuisance sometimes. It can make you avoid things that can enrich your life and can create expectations that may not be realistic once put into context. For example, when I heard at the Legion Hearts booth that the game was a robot warrior, I was about to walk out. I’m glad the developer stopped me after that.

Because even though the term auto gladiator seemed to me like a boring concept, in the case of Legion Hearts it turns out to be very close to TRPG. Like I said before, I’m always ready to get a good TRPG, especially when he’s trying something new. She soon became hooked on Legion Hearts.

easy to learn

The concept of the game is not that difficult. You have to beat a series of levels to complete the mission. These levels consist largely of battles, along with the events in between that give you a boost. This series is seen as a whole, which means that you can not be reckless in the fight. The damage you take will carry you to the next showdown, allowing miscalculation to bite you in the ass for a long time to come.

Fortunately, you have plenty of time to search for the perfect strategy. Once you have a fight, you can see which opponents you have to defeat, how they are placed on the 3×3 grid and what skills they have. You can then move your units or add new ones, where you can see exactly how they will behave. From here, it is a matter of calculation and insight to settle a fight with the least amount of damage possible.

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It’s hard to master

It’s simple so far, you just need good planning. However, there is something more than that. Units have skills that cost energy. You can use these at any turn to influence the flow of the battle. Of course, opponents can do the same, so nothing will go exactly as planned. Moreover, you do not have enough energy to use all the skills you have and you also need the same energy to summon new units.

Combining these didn’t immediately suit me, so I had to get confused in the first battles, but once I found the flow, Legion Hearts was a very interesting experience, daring to demo at a fast pace. Now I’m eagerly waiting for the rest.


Despite the fact that the term auto-fightler did not appeal to me at all, Legion Hearts turned out to be a very interesting experience. The mystery of where to place units and how a limited amount of energy is reminiscent of a TRPG and I’m always prepared for that. The question now remains how cute this will stay in the long run, but there’s only one way to find out.