November 27, 2022

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Price increases for almost all products in our shopping cart

Price increases for almost all products in our shopping cart

Increasingly high energy prices seep through store shelves. The latest figures show that shopping became more expensive by 9.62 percent in one year. which shopping cart Standard Filled, it’s 6 percent more expensive than it was nine months ago. The prices of almost all products have increased.

Spaghetti, pesto, sausage, coffee… these are just a few of the products you’ve been paying for over nine months. Standard Tested and frequently filled a nearly identical shopping cart at any Delhaize store over the past few months. On October 19, 2021 we took all the products with us for 89.51 euros. On July 28, we paid €94.94 into the cash register. This represents an increase of 6.07%.

Food inflation continues to rise

The price increase is noticeable for the majority of products. We noticed this most with the Liège pancakes, spaghetti, zucchini and a little brown bread. Bread is less sensitive to inflation in the supermarket than in the bakery, where prices rise faster. It is almost impossible to fill the general shopping cart. For example, the price of frying fat has risen sharply in recent months, but it was not in our cart. Our cart didn’t contain much dairy either. This is also among the strongest rises among retail commodities.

For some products, there is a slight increase in prices in absolute numbers. For example, we paid an extra 1.23 euros for a coffee, but only 14 cents for a zucchini. However, the price of zucchini rose more sharply in relative terms.

Comparing shopping carts over the months is not an easy task. Sometimes the products received different packaging, so that they had a little more or less content. It can give a distorted image. For example, now the wine comes in a one and a half liter bottle, twice as much as in October, and the level of the jar of mayonnaise has risen a little. Sometimes products just disappear from the shelves as with organic olive oil. It’s gone from our latest shopping cart, just like so many dairy products that it’s still hard to compare properly due to range changes.

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Interest rate increase? Recession? stagflation? The ABC of Economics explained

Our testing shows a very clear development: all products have become more expensive. There are only a few exceptions to this. Falafel has continued its cost in recent months, as have red wine and organic Provencal herbs. Fairtrade chocolate is 10 cents cheaper, and youth-quality bars are 30 cents.

Products follow their own path

A graph showing the price evolution of each product tells us that one product received a new price label much faster than the other. For example, a Jupiler container became much more expensive months ago, but its price has remained stable in recent months.

Other purchases kept the price low for a long time and only showed the price development of late. It is the case with Nutella, pear, butter, broccoli, among others. Other products briefly sold out at higher prices in January and February, while they are now back on shelves at a lower price. Examples include frangipane, red cabbage with apples, and pasta.

Then there are the steady risers, who gradually raise the price over the months. This is the case, for example, with a can of Douwe Egberts coffee, baked fish, orange juice, ham, veal sausage and Liège pancakes.