December 5, 2023

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Prince Andrew makes overnight visits to Queen Elizabeth |  Property

Prince Andrew makes overnight visits to Queen Elizabeth | Property

PropertyBritain’s Prince Andrew (62) has made a number of nightly visits to his mother, Queen Elizabeth (95) in recent days. This is according to a recent report. The news comes just days after it was learned that Andrew had reached a settlement with Virginia Joffrey, 38, the woman who accused him of sexual assault.

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The report states that Prince Andrew visited Windsor Castle every night last week. According to the British newspaper, he visited his mother, Queen Elizabeth, there. Now that there is no lawsuit, the British monarch wants more clarity about his future within the monarchy. Andrew is very careful and does his best to stay out of the media spotlight. He knows there are paparazzi during the day. Hoping to avoid them, he won’t come until after dark.”

News of his nightly outings comes just days after Prince Charles (73) explicitly asked to remain silent. It is also alleged that Charles told his brother to stay away from Windsor Castle. “He knows he has to hide, but he is really concerned about the situation. He has already apologized to the Queen.” According to the British newspaper, Andrew knows very well how dire the current situation is. “He realizes what he’s done with the property.”

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