November 28, 2023

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Prince Andrew settles down with Virginia Joffrey

Prince Andrew settles down with Virginia Joffrey

cup de theater In the lawsuit between Britain’s Prince Andrew and Virginia Joffrey. He is now accepting an amicable settlement. He donates a “significant” amount to her foundation to support victims of abuse.

Prince Andrew must not appear before a judge in New York now. It was announced today that it has reached an agreement with Virginia Joffrey. She was one of the most famous victims of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was arrested in part because of her testimony. But Joffrey also mentioned that when she was 17, she was abused three times by Andrew.

Prince Andrew and Virginia Joffrey.

Photo: afp

Therefore, the 61-year-old prince, who is the second son of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, had to appear in court this year. But that painful confrontation has now spared him. Andrew, who has always denied the allegations, did his best to come to an amicable settlement. But Giuffre did not want to dwell on it. I paid for a full lawsuit.

Even today. Court documents show that she reached an amicable settlement with Andrew. He acknowledges that Giuffre has suffered harm and that he will provide money to her foundation that supports victims of sexual assault. The amount he made has not been disclosed.

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