September 28, 2022

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Prince Gabriel's birthday goes to the army on Monday |  Instagram HLN

Prince Gabriel’s birthday goes to the army on Monday | Instagram HLN

PropertyHe’s in the shadow of his older sister, Crown Princess Elizabeth, but this weekend he’s caught the royal eye: Prince Gabriel will turn 19 on Saturday. And on the occasion of this Christmas, the royal palace is distributing a new photo of him. He was dressed in a dark suit with a blue-orange tie, avoiding his gaze from the lens, so he was at his home in Lacken Castle.

There will be no heavy celebration for the second of the four children of King Philip and Queen Mathilde, for he must start fresh in a new chapter of his still young life. Work will begin at the Royal Military Academy on Monday. Following the example of his older sister, Crown Princess Elizabeth (20), he will be pursuing a social and military science course there.

physical training

And it gets serious right away. Together with 240 other candidate officers, Gabriel first goes to camp in Elsenborn in the eastern provinces for six weeks. “There they go from a civilian world to a military world,” said Col. Thierry Perrin, director of basic officer training. They learn basic skills, such as shooting cards and reading, and receive individual physical training. If he successfully completes these six weeks, Gabriel will officially join the Royal Military Academy.”

After a year of studying in England, Gabriel will go to a boarding school during his military training. As a result, he will live in me more than before. As second in line to the throne, he has more freedom than Elizabeth. But as a backup heir to the throne, he would have to keep in mind that his life might take an unexpected turn if something happened to his older sister.

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