January 29, 2023

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Prince Harry feels insulted after being banned from wearing a nod to Grandma

Prince Harry feels insulted after being banned from wearing a nod to Grandma

Prince Harry is said to be offended after his grandmother’s initials “ER” were removed from his uniform. This uniform was worn on Saturday heels. His uncle, Prince Andrew, who had previously had to hand over his military titles, was allowed to wear his initials. to write Sunday times Sunday.

William and Harry both wore their military uniforms in the aftermath. However, Harry, who has completed two missions in Afghanistan, was not allowed to wear this uniform at the start of last week. Reason: With Megxit, he was forced to relinquish his military titles.

But in the aftermath, King Charles made an exception. Harry and Andrew were suddenly allowed to wear their uniforms. But this outfit has been slightly modified for Harry. According to the British newspaper Sunday times Harry would have been horrified to find that his grandmother’s initials had been ripped off his shoulders, for that was not the case for neither William nor Andrew.

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The initials ‘ER’ are traditionally worn by the people who are ’employed’ by the Queen. Therefore, it is believed that the lack of these initials relates to the dress code, and not the direct rejection of the prince. But Harry would have been very disappointed when he thought of wearing a regular suit. According to British media, the prince was also afraid of what people would say. According to one of Harry’s friends, the prince was “dashing”. He will take it very personally.

The initials “ER” were clearly visible on William’s shoulders. © EPA-EFE

Harry does not have his initials “ER” on his shoulder. © EPA-EFE

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