September 30, 2023

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Princess Charlene of Monaco is not at all to have surgery ...

Princess Charlene of Monaco is not at all to have surgery …

French society magazine Voici wrote in its Friday issue the real reason Charlene from Monaco has been in South Africa for months. “It gets rid of addiction to sedatives.”

In May this year, Princess Charlene left Monaco for her native South Africa. She would stay there for two weeks to oversee a rhino conservation project. This was the official explanation. The princess was left behind by her husband, Prince Albert, and their children, Gabriella and Charlene, 6. But two weeks turned into three weeks, four weeks, two months…

Then the palace came out with a statement. The princess had suffered from a serious ear, nose and throat infection and had to have surgery immediately in South Africa. After that, she had to stay there for a while to recover and then go back to Monaco.

But the former swimmer is no longer. So at the end of August Albert and his children went to South Africa. Beautiful pictures were taken and a promise that the princess will be back at the end of October at the latest.

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But this did not happen. Now Voici magazine knows from a source close to the royal family what’s really going on. The princess is said to be weaning from her severe addiction to sedatives. The addiction is said to have started eight years ago when the princess could no longer deal with the bullying of some members of the royal family. Since then, she cannot sleep without a cocktail of Stilnox, Imovane and Carfentanil.

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According to Voici, she is now trying to wean herself from it. She would do so at the request of her husband. She lives in a villa that has been converted into a small rehabilitation clinic especially for her. A psychiatrist is following the progress of Monaco.

Residents of Monaco hope that the princess will finally return home on the national holiday – November 19. (boom)