October 7, 2022

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Princess Delphine opens a book, Junior Blankarte is looking for love and people with young dementia open a restaurant: This is one spring

Princess Delphine opens a book, Junior Blankarte is looking for love and people with young dementia open a restaurant: This is one spring

Dolphin: My Story

In the three-part series Delphine: My story Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg tells her life story for the first time on television. She testifies about all the phases and emotions she has been through and provides her own photo archive and family albums. The floor was also given to her partner, mother, friends, lawyers and palace staff.

From January 12th every Wednesday at 8.40pm on one day.

“misunderstanding restaurant”

Dieter Coppens will open soon on One Misunderstanding the restaurantAll employees were diagnosed with early dementia. Because of their illness, they regularly have to deal with misunderstandings and often have to stop working, which damages their self-confidence. Misunderstanding the restaurant With the help of Chef Sippy Nobles, he wants to show the outside world what they can do. Even if it doesn’t run smoothly often.

“Both of my grandmothers developed Alzheimer’s disease later in life. I’ve experienced first-hand what it does to someone,” says Dieter Coopers.

Restaurant misunderstanding. © GARDEN

Later this spring on One.

“Travel Whis: Cities of the World”

Tom Weiss crosses the border again after several trips in his home country and neighboring Netherlands. This time around, it focuses exclusively on some of the most exciting and important cities in the world. Because with four billion people, more than half of the world’s population now lives in a city.

Tom discovers how ancient Aztec traditions are being revived in Mexico City. With Cairo, Tom visits the most important city in the Middle East, which is slowly but surely bursting at the seams. London and Los Angeles were also discussed.

Later this spring on One.

“Travel Whis: Cities of the World”. © GARDEN

lost baggage

“The best fantasy of our land,” promises VRT. When the half-Moroccan agent Samira Al-Arousa (Analog debut Lara El Shadraoui, Intergalactic Lovers Singer, Editor) In the aftermath of the attacks on Zaventem Airport, and the return of the remaining bags to the victims and relatives, I faced prejudice, pride and grief. But she continued to help everyone until she lost herself.

The direction is in the hands of Natalie Bastines, Kat Beals, and Ebi Daniels. lost baggage is an idea from Tiny Bertels, who co-created the series with Nathalie Basteyns.

Later this spring on One.


Psychological thriller series written by Paul Payten and Tom Lenaerts. and one of the top actors, including Quinn de Boe, Kevin Jansens, Ruth Pickart, Herwig Elgams, and Ann Miller. So the cards are in good hands two chapters.

It all started thirty years ago: a group of young people in their twenties want to celebrate another holiday before real life begins. But things go awry when one of them is killed in a tragic accident. Thirty summers later, the same group of friends go for a long weekend on an island off the French Azure coast, only to find a fateful video from last year.

From February 6 every Sunday.

'Nothing is over'.

‘Nothing is over’. © GARDEN

‘Nothing is over’

On March 13, 2022, our country woke up 10 years ago to the news of an accident with a Belgian bus, on the way back from snow lessons in Switzerland. 28 people were killed, 6 adults and 22 children from two schools: Het Stekske Primary School in Lommel and Sint-Lambertus School in Heverlee.

For actress Catherine de Roescher and VRT NWS journalist Levine van Gils, the event has become a part of their lives. For De Ruysscher because she came to live in the Lommel Kolonie in 2013, for Van Gils because one of the victims, Mr. Frank of Heverlee, was a very good friend. They search for parents, sisters, brothers, and injured children once again in this intimate series.

Later this spring on One.

80’s for teens

Ask a teen what they know about the ’80s and the answer is: nothing. However, the world we live in today has taken on its color then. This is why Stephen van Herwig paints the picture of that decade for today’s youth. About a society in which everything bigger than life – From pop stars to hairstyles – but everyday life wasn’t often so rosy.

Later this spring on One.

A beginner in search of love. © GARDEN

Young man looking for love

Should there be plankarts? naturally. Junior Blankart is a 29-year-old athlete who still lives at home, but dreams of building his own life. Preferably with someone by his side. in a Junior is looking for love Goes – yes – in search of love. and the same. He is assisted by psychologist Sarah Van Pelt.

VRT is already moving away from the concepts of “The Elimination Race” and “The Rose Party” – welcome back, BSC.

Later this spring on One.

Still new:

Airport 24/7: creators Urgent 24/7 Dive behind the scenes of Brussels Airport.

we are Family: Na Where is Mark? Lidewij Nutten continues on topics such as researching your roots and identity.

Straight through the Low: Arnout Hauben walks through Belgium and the Netherlands, from Ostend to Pieterburen.

Mr. TegusBy: Tegus Vaneste dives into the education debate and will stand in front of the class for three months.

Notary: Phara de Aguirre follows active notaries and their clients.

side by side: Robin van Gucht talks to seven top athletes about their motivations and career planning, and about the impact the sport has on their bodies and family life.

“Lost Baggage”. © GARDEN


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