September 30, 2022

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Princess Diana's former bodyguard: If I were responsible then she would still be alive |  Property

Princess Diana’s former bodyguard: If I were responsible then she would still be alive | Property

PropertyA quarter of a century ago, Diana, the “People’s Princess,” faced a terrible end. Mrs. Dee did not survive the car accident in Paris. The world was in shock, and 25 years later, the fateful car accident still haunts many. Dai Davies, the former head of Royal Security, claims he could have prevented her death.

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Dai Davies, who was the head of Royal Security at the time, takes a look at the incident 25 years later. “So many thoughts are running through my head about this memory. So I am convinced that if I had been responsible, Princess Diana would have been alive.” He also maintains that the collision might not have been fatal if they had worn their seat belts.

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Car wreck after the fatal accident. © AP

Although he says he fully supports the process that took place after that. “I agree with the judges in France. I personally testified at the trial and I stand 100 per cent behind the judges’ findings.” Davis believed there was not enough evidence to call it an accident. “Everything around him would never have happened. It was just an unfortunate accident.”

Davis also spoke about how famous the princess was and how she left her mark forever. “I had the privilege of getting to know Princess Diana. She was a wonderful woman. People should remember her for all she accomplished and what she stood for. Because Diana changed the royal family forever. I cannot imagine any other woman who has achieved such international fame.”

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