June 10, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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Problems with energy contracts due to new programs continue to slow

Federal investigator Eric Houtmann reported more than 100,000 stalled contracts in Flanders alone, and this includes more than 20,000 problematic files from network operator Fluvius.

Fluvius spokesperson Bjorn Verdud talks about 15,000 suspended contracts in Fluvius itself and 5,000 contracts in Atrias, the new data platform rolled out across Belgium in November 2021 to better manage usage data for every electricity and gas consumer in our country. Already in November 2021, Atrias warned about billing delays and difficult supplier changes: these problems remain.

Federal Ombudsman Eric Houtmann is not reassured: he fears that the problems will surely continue until the end of this year. In Fluvius they sound more optimistic. A task force was formed with network operators, Atrias and energy suppliers a few months ago. They must deal with blocked files individually in joint consultation.

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