October 7, 2022

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Prof. Venetiaan 1ste hoogleraar Faculteit der Wis- en Natuurkundige Wetenschappen

Professor Dr. Venice 1st Professor of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, Prof. Dr. Shanti A. Venetian held the professorship by giving an introductory lecture entitled: Mathematics Is Never Over. A short thesis on research in mathematical statistics. Professor Dr. Venice is the first professor appointed to The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FWNW), the fourth female professor to be appointed at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS) since its inception and the 42nd Professor in the history of our university.

Mathematics, among other things, provides the possibility to build models with which all kinds of phenomena, processes and connections in nature and society can be described, predicted and explained. Nature, our economy, and our mind, for example, depend on structures, formulas, and patterns from mathematics. During the opening lecture, examples were given of practical applications of mathematical statistics, which showed that probability theory plays an important role in this.

The availability of fast computers made data collection easier, but the analysis and interpretation of that data remained a challenge. Professor Dr. In addition to being Chair of the Board of Directors of AdeKUS, Venetiaan was the first Dean of the College of Science and continues to be associated with this college as a scholar. The Faculty of Science is mentioned in the University Act 1966, was established in 2010 and only came into operation in 2015.

After accepting the professorship, the chair of Mathematical Statistics at the Faculty of Science was transferred to wnd. The President of the University Council, Dr. Hans Breifeld. The necklace for this chair is dedicated to Professor Venetian. Professor Dr. Venetiaan pointed out that within the line of research “mathematical statistics” the research related to asymptotic Expansions will continue. The “Applied Statistics” line of research will be developed from Mathematics along with the other subfields of “Applied Statistics”. At the interdepartmental, national and international level, efforts will be made to standardize expertise in the field of statistics. Existing international partnerships will be expanded and new ones entered into.

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