May 30, 2023

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PROMO HUNTERS SUPER TIP. Are you ready for a new electric bike? Here you get a discount of up to 200 euros for an old bike | money

E-bikes are an indispensable part of the street scene. That extra boost during the daily commute to work or during a relaxing ride in the sun, Flemings are increasingly into electric bikes. Is your copy eligible for exchange? Then the do-it-yourself Hubo series is the place to be, says Gunther Devisch Belgium promoters.

In exchange for an old electric bike, Hubo gives a discount of up to 200 euros when buying a brand new Minerva or Evobike electric bike. Those who trade in a ‘normal’ bike get up to €50 off. It’s a “hot topic” on our site Facebook pageDevish laughs, “Two posts about the campaign were viewed nearly 300,000 times and generated a lot of reactions,” he says.

Many promoters say they are fans of Hubo bikes, including Angela, who has been riding an e-bike purchased from Hubo for several years. Ann has also bought a bike from the series before: “Very satisfied with the after-sales service,” she says. Wendy was so excited about the Minerva bike she used for her business that she bought it herself: “Totally satisfied with!”

Jessica covered nearly 2,000 km last year with her electric bike, which she bought from the chain. She also gives fellow promoters a tip to buy an extra battery directly from the bike brand itself. “Half the price difference compared to Hubo,” it seems.

Promo Pierre fisherman took advantage of the trade campaign and already with his wife made a first trip on their new electric bike, bought for 699 and 1395 euros. “Save €400 by handing over our old bikes,” he says proudly.

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As a bonus, Devisch also shares Nele’s tip for putting the electronic receipt on a customer’s card when they buy a bike. That way you can always find it if you lose it.

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The trade-in offer runs until June 11th at all Hubo stores. Returned bikes must be in working condition, which means the battery, motor and all mechanical parts are working. The charger must also be traded in.

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