February 2, 2023

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PROMO HUNTERS SUPER TIP.  Here you get big discounts on products that are about to expire: "Buy a guinea fowl for € 0.50 instead of € 12.5" |  promotion hunters

PROMO HUNTERS SUPER TIP. Here you get big discounts on products that are about to expire: “Buy a guinea fowl for € 0.50 instead of € 12.5” | promotion hunters

Many supermarkets are playing the zero waste card. They offer deep discounts on products that are about to expire to reduce the loss. As a result, you can make great deals. says Guenter Devish, site manager Belgium promoters. This resulted in hundreds of responses Posted by Sam Who told how he bought a guinea fowl from Lidl for €0.50 instead of €12.50.

“I immediately took four pieces with me,” he added.

According to Guenter Lidl Meat, canned lettuce, … that degrades to -30 percent the next day. “The discount is greater for what expires on the same day. You get yoghurts and packaged salads for €0.20, and meats, cakes and pastries for prices between €0.50 and €1,” he says.

“Some shops make three-kilogram boxes of fruit and vegetables with a stain on them, or offer boxes of biscuits whose outer packaging is damaged, but the inner packaging is not. They go for 1 euro. The boxes are usually there from 6 p.m. The exact size depends. discount in store. “A maximum of five products are given per person to give everyone a chance.”

a look. Gunther Devisch from Promojagers Belgium explains in a simple way how you can automatically find discount codes in web stores.

Andrea also has good advice. She herself worked at Lidl early on. “I usually buy a load of gourmet dishes in early December. Then you can buy them at €1 apiece.” Store it in the freezer.

Also in chain supermarkets Jumbo According to promojager Gerdie, there are deals to be made. I bought 400 grams of salmon fillet for € 4 instead of € 9.59, 2 Angus burgers for € 2.50 instead of € 4.49 and three packs of roast beef with Irish pepper for € 3 instead of € 8. American filet was 1 euro famous post on the Promotejagers Facebook channel.

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According to Gunther, you’ll find Jumbo’s zero-waste products in a special less-waste box. “The store itself decides whether to participate and when exactly the products will be discounted,” he says.

Plus Lidl and Jumbo fares too Delhaize And the Carrefour out products. “These are discounts of up to 50 percent,” says Gunther.

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