July 16, 2024

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PROMO HUNTERS SUPER TIP.  Hubo bundles a bundle of electrical appliances at 55 percent off |  promotion hunters

PROMO HUNTERS SUPER TIP. Hubo bundles a bundle of electrical appliances at 55 percent off | promotion hunters

Soon we will all be back at the festive table during Christmas and the end of the year. Hubo cleverly responds to this with a party pack of Domo devices for only €59.99 instead of €134.97, at a 55 percent discount. “This is a good deal,” says Guenter Devish Fan. Belgium promoters.

a look. Gunther Devisch from Promojagers Belgium explains in a simple way how you can automatically find discount codes in web stores.

What’s in the Hubo Party bundle? Raclette/grill, fryer and hand blender, all by Duomo. All the devices together are priced at €59.99, which is a 55 percent discount on the original €134.97, according to Hubo. Gunther Devisch from Promojagers Belgium put the test to the test and started calculating himself.

“On the Domo website, the raclette machine costs €54.95, the hand mixer €34.95, and the frying pan €54.95, so all together €144.85,” Divish reported to us. This is more than the €134.97 that Hubo mentions on its website. Devisch took the Dutch website bol.com as a second reference. There, the cost of electrical appliances was €43.99, €38.79, and €64.99, respectively. All together €147.77″. Compared to recent prices, Hubo will offer a discount of just under 60 percent on the total amount. But if you always calculate the cheapest price per device, you’ll end up with €133.89, which is the amount Hubo counts on.

The promotion, which runs until November 20, is popular with Promojagers Belgium members, who share their best promotions with each other. On Facebook, the community is now over 365,000. It’s important to be quick, though, because stock is limited. At the moment there is about 3,900 more Party packages are on sale, but the counter is moving, and it’s gone.

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on me The Facebook post of Promotejagers Belgium There has already been a lot of backlash about the show. It turns out that Claudine actually owns the pan on display and is “very happy with it”. “It’s very easy to maintain, too,” you write.

“Bargain for that money! Ordered for hand mixer and raclette,” Lien adds.

Then Sylvie wrote, “I ordered it for my niece’s birthday. Still a good deal for this price.”

And Ksaratji also went for it: “I ordered! At this price I could not resist …. We are going to gourmet.