July 16, 2024

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Protest in Jamaica against the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton: ‘You are not welcome here’ |  Property

Protest in Jamaica against the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton: ‘You are not welcome here’ | Property

PropertyBritain’s Prince William, 39, and Kate Middleton, 40, were not given a warm welcome by everyone during their official visit to the Caribbean. A demonstration was held in Jamaica to demand an apology for past slavery and compensation. It seems, among other things, “We don’t want William or Kate here.” One of their first official visits to Belize was also canceled because villagers protested their arrival.

William and Kate also had to deal with protests in Belize. While visiting the country’s Indian Creek, they encountered signs such as “Prince William, leave our land”:

The so-called Advocates Network – a coalition of Jamaican activists and equality organizations – is organizing a rally in Jamaica on Tuesday while Britain’s Prince William and his wife are visiting the country. The protest, demanding an apology for slavery and compensation, will be held at 10:30 am local time in the Jamaican capital, Kingston, at the British High Commission representing the British government in Jamaica. Jamaica celebrates sixty years of independence. That’s why it’s important to tell Britain that it “made a mistake by enriching itself through slavery and colonialism,” co-organizer Nora Blake told The Independent.

The coalition also raised the objections in an open letter. “We will not participate in your platinum anniversary celebration,” the letter read. The leadership of Queen Elizabeth and her predecessors perpetuated the greatest human rights tragedy in human history, they said. The letter also states that Britain should apologize for past slavery and provide compensation.

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60 reasons not to come

The letter gives a total of sixty reasons for this, indicating nearly sixty years in which Jamaica became independent. The letter was signed by people from various sectors, including politics, business and the arts. The letter was also signed by the famous reggae artist Big Youth.

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in Belize on Saturday. In that country, they were due to visit a sustainable cocoa farm in Indian Creek Village on Sunday, but its residents protested against their visit on Friday. The residents considered the visit “colonialism,” as stated in the signs. Kensington Palace announced after the protest that the visit to the village was cancelled.

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