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Proximus Dethroned as Operator with Best Network Coverage: Who is the New Number 1?  |  MyGuide

Proximus Dethroned as Operator with Best Network Coverage: Who is the New Number 1? | MyGuide

mytelcoLast year, Telenet-BASE customers had the best mobile Internet. This is evidenced by figures from Test-Achats, which has previously taken more than 25,000 measurements via the BeCover+ app. Proximus and Orange complete the top three. Mijntelco.be Runs through the results.

By Felix Ferret, in collaboration with Mijntelco

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To test which operator offers the best mobile network, Test-Achats uses its own BeCover+ app. With this, consumers can use their smartphones to measure the mobile internet performance of the network they are surfing on. In this way, the consumers themselves contributed the measurements.

Individual metrics investigated, among other things, upload speed, download speed, and waiting time to load web pages and videos. Based on this, each active player received the final score. Telenet beat Proximus in 2022 with a score of 3 percentage points higher. The previous year, Proximus was still number one.

Consumers who want to switch to Telenet have a mobile subscription starting at €20.94 per month, as we learned from Comparison via Mijntelco.be.

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Satisfaction with the mobile network

Consumers attach increasing importance to a good and fast mobile Internet connection. This is a result of increased digitization in recent years, such as the rise in mobile payments.

The same survey shows that consumer satisfaction with the mobile network can generally improve. Just under 70 percent of the participants indicated that they were satisfied.

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Quite a few consumers believe that there is not much difference between the operators in terms of mobile Internet coverage. As a result, they hardly compare which mobile phone subscription, depending on where they live, is most interesting to them.

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The comparison paid off

It’s not just network coverage, but of course the price also plays a role. Via Mijntelco.be you can compare mobile phone subscriptions and see which option is most beneficial to you. Of the three “traditional” players, Orange today offers the cheapest subscription without a discount with GO Light. GO Extreme is the most interesting subscription with the largest amount of mobile data.

Savings tip: If we look at the promotions that are currently running, Proximus comes with the best price. Currently, you pay nothing for the first two months for a Mobilus M, Maxi or Unlimited Premium subscription.

In addition to these three players, which provide fixed services in addition to mobile, there are operators that provide mobile services only. They are often cheaper. Gamers like Youfone and hey! And edpnet and Mobile Vikings score high when it comes to price-quality of separate mobile subscriptions.

Increased competition

Despite the increased competition among mobile service providers, driving up prices, consumers still don’t compare enough. Further deployment of 5G will intensify competition between the three major network operators. The share of 5G tests was only 4 percent in Test-Achats numbers. However, Orange manages to be here between Telenet-BASE and Proximus.

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At the moment, only Proximus and Youfone offer private mobile phone subscriptions that support 5G. You will find the best price without discount at Youfone. A subscription with 200 calling minutes and 40 GB of mobile data will cost you 25 euros per month.

However, few consumers seem to be waiting for further 5G deployment. For many of them, the speed of the 4G network is high enough and few people are willing to pay more for a 5G subscription.

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