January 29, 2023

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Proximus wants to outfit up to 4,000 Flemish street lockers with EV charging stations – picture and sound – news

In the coming years, Proximus wants to install charging points in thousands of Flemish fiber-optic street tanks, with which electric cars can be charged. Each charging station can have two charging points. The company tested converted tanks in Mechelen.

In Flanders you can According to Proximus 4000 street lockers get a charging station. There will be room for two charging points at each charging station. In the rest of Belgium, “several thousand” charging points can still be achieved. Proximus has about 28,000 street lockers in the country.

Street safes can get charging stations because the provider is installing a fiber optic network in the country. Optical fiber requires less space in a street cabinet than a copper grid. In addition, street tanks already have a power connection, which means less digging is required, according to the company. “They are also often found in attractive locations downtown, providing access to residents who do not have charging infrastructure at home.”

Proximus wants to have all possible street tanks equipped with charging stations by 2028. The plan follows a pilot project in Mechelen, where seven charging stations have been installed near street tanks since the end of last year. This year, the company wants to install an additional 25 charging stations in Belgium.

The Internet and TV provider also wants to install charging stations in semi-public and workplaces, such as corporate parking spaces, hospitals and sports clubs. The Belgian government wants to have 100,000 (semi) public charging stations by 2030. Now, according to ACEA, the country has about 14,000 charging points. The number of charging stations is much less because charging stations usually have more charging points.

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