July 22, 2024

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Proximus will raise prices again on January 1st: What are the services involved?  How much does calling and browsing cost?  |  money

Proximus will raise prices again on January 1st: What are the services involved? How much does calling and browsing cost? | money

moneyOn January 1, Proximus will raise prices for a large portion of its services. According to the carrier, these concerns are increasing at a rate of 4 to 6 percent. Strong inflation is the key. This is the third time this year that Proximus has announced a price increase.

The previous price increase dates back to May 1. Then the price of popularity is gone flex packages With 3 to 4 euros per month. From January, Proximus will charge an additional fee of 3 to 4.5 euros per month for most packages.

The fixed internet price will change this time as well. Subscription Maxi Internet Its price becomes €3 for €54.99 per month or €59.99 on fiber. Internet Basicsthe cheapest subscription from Proximus, it remains at 25 euros per month.

Monthly price of mobile phone subscriptions Mobilus It won’t change, but Proximus will adjust the price of some older products and also make out-of-pack data and calling minutes more expensive for prepaid customers.

price Land Line It increases by 1.5 euros per month to 26.13 euros.

Proximus is also adjusting some of its low-cost brand rates carmine in. formula Internet Loco (Unlimited Internet) 32-34 EUR per month, Trio Buck (Internet, TV and landline) from 40 to 42 euros per month.

For companies with more than nine customer employees, the standard terms and conditions also change. From next year, Proximus gives itself the right to index prices for telecom services twice a year instead of once. In addition, the operator also imposes clearer limits on “unlimited” tariff plans for corporate customers.

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strong inflation

Proximus again refers to strong inflation. “This will lead to a significant increase in costs, especially for salaries, energy and technology equipment prices,” the company says.

Bee mobile vikings, a subsidiary of Proximus, there are no tariff increases. Prices for mobile and fixed Internet services will remain unchanged for the time being. According to a spokesperson, Mobile Vikings is also feeling bloated, but the impact from the commitment to digitization is less than that of its parent group.

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