December 6, 2022

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PS and Ecolo outraged by MR video "attributing" Mussolini rolls |  interior

PS and Ecolo outraged by MR video “attributing” Mussolini rolls | interior

PS and Ecolo are not happy about a video of the European and International Branch of MR (MRI) being “attributed” to the fascism of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. “To downplay the outbreak, this is opening the door for its return,” PS President Paul Magnette tweeted. In the meantime, MR President Georges-Louis Bochese has requested that the video be withdrawn.

In the video on the current political situation in Italy, former federal deputy Jean-Jacques Flahaut discusses the “similarities” between the Fratelli d’Italia party headed by new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Mussolini.

As the Italians “often admit that Mussolini committed a folly”, Flahaut notes, among other things, his alliance with Hitler, the approval of laws against the Jewish community on his behalf, and the war in Ethiopia. “But one must also know that Mussolini has proudly restored Italy, which was in a disastrous economic situation,” he added. “Indeed, there were all the errors and the drama he caused, but some Italians keep a memory that was not negative.”

“outrageous video”

The partners of the Federal Alliance of French-Speaking Liberals, PS and Ecolo, are not satisfied with the video. For the head of the Socialist Party, Paul Magnet, the statements are “trivial” fascism and Mussolini. He points out that the “scandalous” video was recorded in the decree’s press room. Where will this alarming aberration end? To reduce fascism, that means opening the door for its return,” the socialist tweeted.

For MP Ecolo Guillaume Defossé “MR defends Mussolini’s fascism”. “After retweeting Flahaut from the French far-right, respect for Zemmour (French far-right presidential candidate) and crazy statements about what he calls ‘Wokie’, the border has long been crossed,” DeVos wrote on Twitter.

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On Saturday evening, the president of MR Bouchez announced that he had asked Flahaut to withdraw the video. “Mussolini committed the worst atrocities in history. There should be no ambiguity about this. These statements are inappropriate and reprehensible, but they cannot question the values ​​and commitment of Jean-Jacques Flahaut. I asked him to withdraw this video.”