June 5, 2023

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Pukkelpop Day 2: Modern Dance, Eurovision Artists, Selah Sue and Tamino Gallery with new music

Pukkelpop Day 2: Modern Dance, Eurovision Artists, Selah Sue and Tamino Gallery with new music

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A touch of the Eurovision Song Contest at Pukkelpop, with Dutch S10 and Daði Freyr from Iceland

Many of the artists who play in the Eurovision Song Contest tour major summer festivals over the following summer. Phenomenon Manskin, last year’s Italian winner, has since made his international debut, playing for Rock Werchter at the start of this summer. Today in Pukkelpop there are two ballroom artists who represented their country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

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Dutch S10 sang there “Depth”Icelandic Daði Freyr was with his band Daði & Gagnamagni with the song “Decade”. The group was supposed to represent Iceland at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, but that edition was canceled due to the Corona crisis. present them, “Think of things” It became a European radio hit. Today, Daði Freyr was himself the blissfully troubled Pukkelpop, even playing the infamous “Bird Dance” during his group.

© Nathan Dobellari

© Nathan Dobellari

After Pukkelpop as a Visitor and Presenter, and Now as an Artist too: How Otto-Jan Ham Experienced with Hairbaby

Presenter Otto Jan Hamm recently started his own band, Hairbaby. He played this afternoon at the club, at the same time as the Dutch phenomenon Goldband. Ham was wrongly afraid of an empty tent, and was amazed at the way everything went for the artists behind the scenes. “It was what I expected, and at the same time it was not at all,” he looked at Stobro.

Among all the planned parties: surprise mini shows add an extra atmosphere

Pukkelpop regularly tries to surprise festival-goers with surprise shows or small shows in unexpected places. This band immediately gives a musical welcome at the entrance to the festival site. It sets the tone instantly.

New emergency line in Pukkelpop, manned day and night to report cross-border behavior

Pukkelpop has a new “We Care So Much” phone line, which can be used by anyone who needs help for one reason or another. This can be about behavior, but also about medical or psychological problems. Even for theft, you can call 011/888 180: the number is occupied day and night.

Following Rock Werchter and Tomorrowland also in Pukkelpop: Goldband, with striker Boaz just out of a cast after falling into Werchter

Singer Boaz, who jumped off the main stage with full enthusiasm during Rock Werchter and broke his heel bone, has just walked off the cast. On stage, he has a hand tool: a scooter with a microphone and a support plate installed. There is no question of any restraint: rehabilitation or lack thereof, Boaz participates in the dances as much as possible.

WATCH – Goldband takes a look at the performance during Pukkelpop:

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During “Emergency”, when things ridiculously went wrong at the Rock Werchter, Boaz himself would mock his injury. He sets another trap, followed by the words “But I’m still alive.” Humor that Pukkelpop fans can appreciate.

50 minutes of Goldband is one active ride, with lots of tunes, on acoustics and delicates “I wish for the children” after, after. Attractive: nothing “everything is broken” In the group’s list, although they just picked up that song in Belgium. “See you next year Pukkelpop,” seems full of confidence.

© Stijn Verbruggen

Not only music in Pukkelpop, but also modern dance in Marquee

An annual tradition in Pukkelpop: at least one special someone as a Marquee opener. A few years ago, Willie Somers earned a place in the history books at the festival. Today, the Marquee Theater is dedicated to a dance performance during a rock concert, under the name “Voetvolk in the open”.

Choreographer and dancer Lisbeth Gruys developed the performance. Seven artists share the energy of music in an enchanting choreography. An amazing performance, which, however, attracts much fewer people than Somers and his colleagues at that time. But many passers-by still poke their noses into the tent.

© Stijn Verbruggen

© Stijn Verbruggen

© Stijn Verbruggen