November 30, 2022

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Purchase Test files a "mandatory" insurance complaint when purchasing Apple products

Purchase Test files a “mandatory” insurance complaint when purchasing Apple products


Test Aankoop has filed a complaint with the Economic Inspectorate and the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) against Switch and SFAM. Since September 2020, the consumer organization has already received 466 complaints about the “forced” conclusion of some contracts after purchasing an Apple product. This Aankoop test report on Tuesday.


The organization explains that when buying a smartphone, tablet or computer, the consumer is offered free insurance for a month or a promise of cash back. Then consumers have to sign various documents and provide their account number (to make refunds). But then the consumer suddenly receives several emails that he has concluded a one-year insurance contract, a gift card subscription or a subscription to create a website. The total cost of this can be up to two hundred euros per month.

When consumers try to reach customer service, they receive a standard email promising to get back to their questions. But this answer is not forthcoming, says Test Aankoop. The organization advises the concerned consumers to stop direct debit and demand reimbursement of amounts already paid.

“The testimonials from consumers, who were never informed about the type of subscription they got, nor about the costs of these different products, is so many that we can only conclude that it is a smart strategy through Switch and SFAM,” said Simon November, a spokesperson for Test Aankoop.

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