December 2, 2022

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Putin never goes to the toilet: 'Entourage collects excrement in bags that are taken home' |  Ukraine and Russia war

Putin never goes to the toilet: ‘Entourage collects excrement in bags that are taken home’ | Ukraine and Russia war

It turns out that Russian President Vladimir Putin has nowhere to go to the toilet. According to the French magazine “Paris Match”, someone from his entourage collects his droppings in bags when he travels abroad. Then they return to Moscow.

Putin’s toilet habits were discussed in an article on the Russian president’s health, published earlier this week by “Paris Match.” In the entourage accompanying Putin abroad, it turns out that one person is responsible for collecting the president’s droppings. He must then also take her to Moscow.

‘Paris Match’ first received a blueprint in October 2019, after Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia. Middle Eastern sources told the publication that the task had been entrusted to the Federal Protective Service (FSO), which is responsible for the security of Russian officials.

Special case

The policeman had to put Putin’s faeces in bags so as not to leave any traces behind. Then everything was returned to Russia in a special bag, ”apparently.

Putin never moves without a large group of bodyguards. © ANP / EPA

Everything would have been done in the strictest secrecy and the staff of the Russian embassy would have been pressured not to say anything about it.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened. This modus operandi was also implemented during Putin’s visit to France in May 2017. Emmanuel Macron then received his Russian counterpart at Versailles with royal allure.

Putin during his visit to Versailles in 2017.

Putin during his visit to Versailles in 2017. © Environmental Protection Agency

According to independent journalist Farida Rustamova, Putin will not actually leave any stool anywhere, but the system will be slightly different. She says this based on the authority of an unnamed old acquaintance, who uses it as a source.

Putin has been saying for years that he takes his toilet with him when he goes abroad. If he moves within Russia, he can also choose to go to a regular restroom. After that, his bodyguards have the power to clean an entire toilet, which is not always possible outside. After that, everything is often cleaned well and the “unwanted material” is destroyed.

private toilet

American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus already told a similar story on The Late Show in 2020. She visited the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna after the death of President Putin. The staff then told her that he had brought his own toilet and that he should have built a private toilet outside the museum, which Putin could use if he wished. By the way, if he traveled by plane, he would use the same “portable potty”, as the staff confided to her.

And by the way, excessive measures will apply not only to his visits to the toilet. Putin also takes his thermos everywhere, and if he is going to use another glass or another to drink from it, his bodyguards take it with him afterwards. “Then all traces are removed. Even if he touches something, his fingerprints are erased after that,” said Rustamova.

There would be a good reason Putin has such a toilet routine. After all, urine and feces contain sensitive information about a person’s health and the possible treatments he or she is undergoing. According to Rustamova’s source, Putin’s “biological materials” are protected as “ultra-secret information”. This will also be the case with other world leaders, Like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un


“You can use it to decode people’s DNA and see if they have a certain predisposition to developing genetic diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, whether they are sick and what medications they take,” it still seems. Not to mention the possibility of finding distant relatives or illegitimate children.

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