December 7, 2023

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Putin is healthy abroad

Putin once again defends his “sovereign” foreign policy at the UN: “The goal is to promote a unified international agenda” |

Putin authorized his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for this, but today he delivered a speech that he could have given from the rostrum of the United Nations. He did so when he received foreign ambassadors who had come to present their credentials.

“Unfortunately, the move towards multipolarity is opposed by those who want to maintain their hegemony over the world and control everything: South America, Europe, Asia and Africa,” Putin said in an apparent reference to Washington. “It must be said that those who have been in dominance for a long time are doing well, but this cannot go on forever, it is impossible.”

The goal of the Russians, in the words of the president who invaded neighboring Ukraine in February, is to “further advance a unified international agenda and contribute to the resolution of serious regional crises.”

Putin has criticized not only Washington, but also the European Union. “The climax of the irony is that even our offer to transport 300,000 tons of Russian fertilizer blocked in European ports due to sanctions on countries that need it for free has not been answered,” she added. Russia cannot sell products like fertilizers due to Western sanctions.

German Chancellor Schulz says Putin does not see war as a mistake

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