November 30, 2022

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Putin: Ukraine operation is going according to plan

Putin: Ukraine operation is going according to plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech, said that the military operation in Ukraine “is going according to plan.” He accuses the Ukrainian “nationalists” of various crimes. Without providing evidence, Putin argues that Ukrainian forces are using civilians as human shields, blocking “humanitarian evacuation routes” from major cities, preventing aid from reaching the wounded and making it impossible to escape.

There are mercenaries from the Middle East fighting on the Ukrainian side. Military and harmful substances are also found in residential areas, even near hospitals and kindergartens.”

Putin sees it as evidence that he is fighting the “neo-Nazis”. We will eliminate this “anti-Russian” of the West. “We are fighting various threats, including nuclear,” he told his audience.

Putin praised the Russian soldiers in the field, describing them as “brave and belligerent”. He promised to compensate the wounded and relatives of the dead. All the wounded will receive three million rubles. The families of our fallen soldiers will receive 7.4 million rubles and an additional monthly bonus. On top of this premium and compensation, families will receive another five million rubles.

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