January 28, 2023

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Putin: 'US wants to prolong Ukrainian conflict, destabilize world'

Putin: ‘US wants to prolong Ukrainian conflict, destabilize world’

Vladimir Putin © REUTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of wanting to prolong the conflict in Ukraine and “destabilize” the world through US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

jvhSource: Belga

“The situation in Ukraine shows that the US wants to prolong the conflict. They act in the same way and can provoke conflict in Asia, Africa and Latin America,” Putin said during a speech before an international security conference in Moscow.

“The American adventure in Taiwan is not simply the advent of a reckless politician, but part of a deliberate and deliberate strategy to destabilize and confuse the situation in the region and the world,” it said. It was a “brutal demonstration of disrespect for the sovereignty of other countries and their international obligations,” Putin said, speaking of a “carefully prepared provocation.”

Relations between Washington and Moscow have been tense since the February 24 invasion of Ukraine, as the United States backs Ukraine with weapons. As the West imposes tough sanctions against Russia, Moscow wants to strengthen ties with Asian and African countries, especially China.

Moscow called Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan earlier this month a provocation and said Beijing has the right to “take necessary measures to protect its sovereignty.”

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