March 28, 2023

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Putting Light in Your Step: Extra Safety for Your Kids and Beautiful Attractive MyGuide

LiviusDo you still have old, worn-out upholstery on your stairs? Or does it show wear and tear on grades? Then your stairs could be used as a makeover. The result works wonders for your inside. But how do you do it yourself? And do you immediately go for built-in lighting? Livios Builder site It guides you through the possibilities.

Make choices

Staircase renovation is often a matter of aesthetics. In nine out of ten cases, people want to renovate their stairs because they no longer like their existing ones. From a fabric staircase cover or a fresh coat of paint to a complete staircase makeover.

How do you decide which approach to choose? Think about what you want to do with your drawer. Are you looking for a temporary solution or do you want a complete renovation so you can enjoy it for life?

Important: For a complete renovation, your stairs must be in good condition. It can creak and look old, but the build must still be on point. Check here if your staircase is still suitable for renovation or if you need to install a new staircase.

Fix creaking stairs? This detailed plan, including a checklist of materials and tools, will help you on your way.

Temporary or permanent solution?

The advantage of a temporary solution is its price. With a cheap solution like a fresh coat of paint or a fabric floor covering, you know you’ll have to take care of your stairs again in a few years.

in one Fabric drawer cover Do you suffer from allergies or house dust mites? It also requires quite a bit of maintenance, because you have to vacuum the carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner. This does not apply to a complete renovation of the stairs. You can just wipe it with a damp cloth when installing new steps. Plus, you won’t see any signs of walking or wear anymore.

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And what with one? Fresh coat of paint? When drawing, a specific problem arises: after a few months, the traces of walking will appear again. To keep the staircase looking beautiful, you should use a fresh coat of paint regularly. Moreover, the paint does not solve the wear of the stairs, because irregularities and scratches remain visible.

Renovate your current drawer? This is how you start painting, varnishing and oiling.

Whether you want to renovate, repair, cover or illuminate your stairs: construction site Livios gives you useful tips and advice. © ThinkStock

paint or carpet

Don’t want to opt for a complete staircase renovation right away due to a tight budget? Then you can look for an inexpensive solution like fresh paint or a fabric drawer cover. This way, for very little money you can decide after a few years to completely overhaul your staircase.

Cover the stairs with a (firm) carpet.: This is how you work.

Staircase renovation

With a staircase renovation, your old staircase is resurfaced, regardless of whether you had wood, concrete, or granite stairs. There are many materials available on the market for this purpose: laminate, wood, PVC, cork or linoleum. In different types and colors. This way you can create the desired look for your stairs. From warm wood to cool concrete looks. Even a blue steel or leather staircase is possible.

Hint: Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of this material here.

The chosen material is placed entirely on top of the existing staircase. So you get a new customized move. The old jacks will remain in place, but a new one will be installed. This makes the stairs easier to maintain. In addition, the construction is also reinforced, so that the creak of the wooden stairs is reduced.

Staircase railing

What about your handrail? Should you replace those too? Often the railing can be retained. Unless your stairs look completely different. Then you can choose railings made of the same material, so you get the same look and feel. With these tips, you can easily install a new railing yourself.

Integrated staircase lighting

Did you know you can also incorporate lighting into your steps? The lighting is subtly integrated into the lower part of the nose so that it is not visible when the light is off. Some people with children want integrated stair lighting for safety reasons. Then they leave it in the evening or at night so that they always have enough light. If you want to turn your staircase into a real attraction, you can choose from warm or cool light and you can even adjust its intensity. This way you adjust the lighting to the atmosphere you want to create in your hall or living room.

Hint: Are you completely at home in “trapland”? This dictionary explains all the terms you come across when renovating your stairs.

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